Tuesday, July 17, 2007

an added bonus

...to buying the iphone is that -- oh joy of joys -- it came with SNL's "dick in a box" video preloaded. i could watch that thing daily. mickey was not impressed. i'm going to interpret statement to "go listen to that somewhere else" as a sign that he's jealous. it probably has nothing to do with the fact that i've told him 50 new things about the iphone tonight.

tonight's accomplishment: learning to set up my email account on the device. now i can send AND receive. not sure this gives me iphone geek status, but i'm pleased with myself. i am woman, hear me download!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

two best things today

fresh blueberry cobbler and a li'l thing called an iphone.

Monday, July 09, 2007

sixth sense

all day i had a weird feeling. i thought it was because we were startled awake at 5AM by the deafening sound of our upstairs smoke alarms. it took us nearly 10 minutes to get them to shut off, and for the next four hours i had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. it wasn't the best day at work -- nothing major happened, but it just didn't feel right.

later tonight mickey got a call from his brother. today his parents had to put their old dog, capone, to sleep. i can only imagine what they're feeling. it's better this way -- he was failing quickly and this week they knew it was inevitable. that still doesn't make it easy to say goodbye to a furry friend.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

suitcase to suitcase

am swapping suitcase for backpack. we had the best -- absolute best -- time in vancouver with dave and angie. photos forthcoming, but suffice to say i can't imagine a more relaxing and enjoyable time. each day, lazy mornings with coffee turned into busy days of walking 'round vancouver sightseeing, then late nights laughing and chatting. we kayaked through english bay, did the canada day thing on granville island and on the waterfront for fireworks, did some light shopping (both angie and i got fancy new canada day shoes, and hers definitely turned heads), and visited whistler for a day for some hiking and happy hour beers. perfection. it was so wonderful to travel with two people who are on the same wavelength as mickey and me. we're already planning our next trip together -- can't wait!

but back to the backpack. home for two days, and off again, this time camping somewhere in washington with mickey's friend keith and his new wife. as i think about it, how odd that we're seeing two former classmates of mickey's in one week, neither of whom live in portland.

massive laundry pile increasing, and it's potentially one million degrees in the house. no better time to get out of town, i think.

oh, and happy spamiversary to mickey. eight years of wedded bliss. i adore you.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

happy canada day!

greetings from vancouver, where we're celebrating the country's 140th birthday. hurrah! we are annoying our canadian friend with all our trivial canadian trivia. "did you know that phil hartman is canadian?" "hey, we love timbits, don't you?" and so forth. today we intend to join the city's celebrations, and when asking our friend angie what a traditional canada day celebration involves, she said, "beer." we are set.

photos later, including of a gorgeous sunset view from our 20th floor hotel, and my new shoes.