Tuesday, January 29, 2008

three favorite pix

these are three favorite photos from the past month. nothing like catching mountain snow and beautiful beaches in one month. travel is such a miraculous thing.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

new year's resolutions

so far, this is what has been running through my head:

1. lose 20 pounds (and if i lose 10 in january, my reward is booking a trip to mexico...hey, it's an incentive)
2. be more motivated around the house, and not just go to bed at 9pm every night like i love to do
3. work hard and take advantage of a great professional opportunity that has presented itself to me
4. see friends more
5. read more
6. blog more

so far:

1. lost 4 pounds since new years, am exercising during the week (not saying how often, but at least it's something), drinking less, eating less, cooking at home, and eating sensibly when out
2. took one entire carload of crap to goodwill, organized boxes that hadn't seen the light of day since we moved to this house in 04 (and found stuff i thought i lost), hung pictures in the dining room that had been sitting in a pile since we moved
3. working more, but feel very positive and in a good mood about it, plus not panicked like i have been prone to be in the past
4. went to dinner with a friend the other night, have plans with a couple more for later this month, and am planning a girls getaway with college friends for april or so
5. started reading a great little book on account services to help me do my job better
6. (insert debbie downer sound here)

it's not that i haven't had things to say, i just have been doing all those other things so have not had time on lappy to catch up. i have pix from christmas to upload and share, photos of the tree jacket's progress, a recipe for the most delicious marinara sauce i've ever had (thanks to step-sis monica), and other bits and bits to share.

stay tuned for all of this....i have done so well on all the other things on my list that i am sure i'll finally catch up on ye olde bloge.

happy new year all -- may your 2008 be propserous and full of adventure!