Tuesday, November 20, 2007


where did november go? i just realized i've not posted in weeks. it doesn't seem that long. i've not been that busy. i guess i just forgot to.

we're in AZ this week for the thanksgiving holiday, and what i love is that the most difficult decision i'll make today is whether i'll go to the pool before lunch, or afterward. wait, scratch that. i also have to find a proper recipe for mojitos to go with the green chili i want to make for dinner.

i'm making much headway on the tree jacket, and have started a new book. i'm getting to bed before 11 every night, and the only negative thing that's happened is that toots and i got yelled at by a retiree for walking on the golf course cart path because it was private property. never mind that it was before 8AM yesterday before anyone was golfing, and that it was on the part of the course where our house is, and that she was letting her two dogs run rampant on the perfectly maincured greens. i can't wait until the time in my life when the only worrisome issue i have on a day to day basis is protecting my 55+ golf course from 30-something and a baby stroller.