Wednesday, June 11, 2008

shades of disappointment

first this:

and, today, i finally resigned myself to ripping out my entire tree jacket that i've been knitting since october. it's 2 sizes too big and despite the two months of denial that i could make it work, i just don't know how else to make it fit (the yarn's not feltworthy, i'm afraid) besides ripping out. half a sleeve, the entire body. all that's left will be a neck from which to start...

but, i'll have plenty of time to rip out this saturday when i host my first garage sale. multi family sale, in no'po. come on by! i'll be the one with the pile of debbie bliss next to me.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Michael Stipe
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and, to bring the blog quasi-current, here is a photo from last weekend, when mickey and i went to sasquatch music festival in the gorge, washington. REM rocked the house, but then of course, i'm biased. it was by far the best of their shows, mostly because the band sounded amazing, michael's voice was gorgeous and strong, and they played a bunch of new stuff, by far their best album in years. i could go on and on, but for a more comprehensive record of the weekend, visit the flickr roll.

this weekend we're chilling at the house, working on the yard and generally trying to avoid the allergy funk. oh, and also the greshamites who have invaided portland for the annual rose festival. god help us all.

April doings

Sandozie reunion
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in april i went to vegas with some dear friends from sandoz, where we were RAs at university of nebraska-lincoln. 12 years later, here we are, at the venetian, looking lovely as ever!