Wednesday, June 11, 2008

shades of disappointment

first this:

and, today, i finally resigned myself to ripping out my entire tree jacket that i've been knitting since october. it's 2 sizes too big and despite the two months of denial that i could make it work, i just don't know how else to make it fit (the yarn's not feltworthy, i'm afraid) besides ripping out. half a sleeve, the entire body. all that's left will be a neck from which to start...

but, i'll have plenty of time to rip out this saturday when i host my first garage sale. multi family sale, in no'po. come on by! i'll be the one with the pile of debbie bliss next to me.

1 comment:

moozie said...

sorry to say, i thought that was probably the best route for your lovely sweater. you'll be much happier, just take a little longer. patience, little jackass... love you