Wednesday, June 28, 2006

happy trails

i had to say a tearful farewell to toots (and willy...again) today. it's a day i've been avoiding, ignoring, denying for six years. having known the reality that they'd stay in portland only a few years hasn't made this past weekend, and indeed today, any easier. i've been spoiled to have them in town and nearby for so many years. genuinely, it's been the best six years i can imagine.

in their honor, i offer:

top five reasons why it sucks that that toots and willy move
d away:

1. no one will appreciate -- or even know! -- rod yee, let alone his song, and i'll bet i'm back to justifying my love of stevie nicks.
2. now i have to pay for medical advice, massages, magnaleuvres, and don't get me started on the 243.
3. sunday dinners will be spent alone, watching "HELLOW JOHNSON FAMILY!!".
4. people will think we're odd when we order a mee-mosa at brunch.
5. neither mickey nor i ever learned how to score pinochle.

here's to you two. the happiest of birthdays to willy. a huge, heartfelt congratulations to the new doctor. a joyful hug to your growing family. a fond adieu to our best friends. we love you.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

comments from this weekend

"you're a shoe whore."

no, you're a "shoe-stitute."

Thursday, June 22, 2006


i've been holed up in my basement watching world cup on the weekends and working during the week, which basically means i've been a recluse. but, the best thing that's happened all week is that i got a free ticket on alaska airlines for volunteering off a flight to san diego for work. the story for getting bumped is a funny one, though, for professional reasons, not something i can mention here. email me and i'll tell you the story.

nevertheless, having a free pass on any flight i want is like being in a candy store with 20 dollars. so many options, where to go? mexico? very tempting. new york city? always top of my list. somewhere practical like back to visit parents or in-laws? not as glamorous, but it should be considered. such a dilemma. stay tuned for the verdict!

and finally, a shout-out to toots for her last day of med school, her last clinic shift ever, and to anticipating the day -- monday -- when we'll officially call her doctor toots, medicine woman. the dedication and sacrifice, the weekends when studying had to come before anything else, when the wine, sugar and bread intake was limit
ed in the name of health...they were worth it. you made it! as you embark on your exciting summer, remember, this could be us:

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

you think you know someone

i found out tonight that a friend (who shall remain nameless, to protect her hard earned cool-factor) was a member of the biology club in college. biology club? really? this is a beautiful, smart, partying woman who i know was extremely cool in college. biology club? huh.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

and since i'm going to hell anyway...

in the spirit of today's date, here's something that has been cracking me up for the past few days. every time i watch it i laugh until i cry.


slugs of a feather stick together

sunday night i couldn't sleep. i tossed and turned for a good hour or two before i decided to migrate to the spare room (newly painted that saturday, i might add, in anticipation of many visitors this summer). as i laid there at 1:30AM i remembered i'd forgotten to lock the back door. with my mind racing enough at that point, i was sure that if i left it unlocked, a stranger would come in, steal my stuff, eat my food, and other horrible things. so, i walked down the hall, down the stairs and turned the light on to check.

sadly, i was too late. an unexpected visitor had already found his way into our house.

i came face to face with...


nasty, 2-inch, black slug, stuck to the inside of our back door.

how the heck did it get in the house?! to this day, i still can't figure it out. slugs don't have thumbs. they can't open doors. i hadn't left the door open long enough for one to waltz across the threshold. have you seen a slug move? they're slow.

why, you ask, am i still thinking about the slug? because i was too lazy (ok, scared out of my mind) to touch the damn thing on sunday night, so i left it there thinking i could make mickey take care of it in the morning. but, when i went back monday morning, the slug was gone. and i've not seen him since. which means, he's leaving nasty, 2-inch, black slug trails somewhere in my house. and that is SO not ok with me.

and speaking of slugs, did anyone see what ann coulter said on the "today" show today? apparently she's got a whole book on this insanity. was it a coincidence it was the devil's day today and she was out in full force? you decide....

Thursday, June 01, 2006


last night over beers with a coworker friend we decided that "it" all comes down to being independently wealthy. for example, i really want to own a cheese and wine shop with my coworker locall, and apparently i don't have enough capital to make this work. i also desperately want to go to germany in a month for the world cup (not that i'm a soccer fan per se, but how freaking fun would it be there during the middle of that party?!). sadly, tickets to frankfurt are $1500, well outside my budget. i'd like to go to china and hong kong this year. not gonna happen.

if anyone has any great ideas for how i can become independently wealthy, let me know. or, alternatively, if you know where i can pick up a nice cabin in the mountains for under $80K, that'd be ok too.