Wednesday, June 28, 2006

happy trails

i had to say a tearful farewell to toots (and willy...again) today. it's a day i've been avoiding, ignoring, denying for six years. having known the reality that they'd stay in portland only a few years hasn't made this past weekend, and indeed today, any easier. i've been spoiled to have them in town and nearby for so many years. genuinely, it's been the best six years i can imagine.

in their honor, i offer:

top five reasons why it sucks that that toots and willy move
d away:

1. no one will appreciate -- or even know! -- rod yee, let alone his song, and i'll bet i'm back to justifying my love of stevie nicks.
2. now i have to pay for medical advice, massages, magnaleuvres, and don't get me started on the 243.
3. sunday dinners will be spent alone, watching "HELLOW JOHNSON FAMILY!!".
4. people will think we're odd when we order a mee-mosa at brunch.
5. neither mickey nor i ever learned how to score pinochle.

here's to you two. the happiest of birthdays to willy. a huge, heartfelt congratulations to the new doctor. a joyful hug to your growing family. a fond adieu to our best friends. we love you.

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