Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the end is nigh

soon i'll be posting lots here about drinking wine, kayaking a fjord, floating in the pacific ocean -- from the right side of ocean -- and other generally lazy things that await me in new zealand. come sunday, we're out of here for a much-needed vacation to the land of kiwis and peter jackson. today i made my to-do lists for work and the trip, slogged through hundreds of email, and thought about all the little things i have to resolve at the office before friday. but the end finally is in sight....

see, because today doesn't count, because today is almost over. and sunday doesn't count, becuase we leave that day. and saturday doesn't really, technically count because i'm planning to watch the globetrekker episode that's all about new zealand, which will make me feel like i'm there.

so that leaves two more days of waiting. i can take it.

i hope you'll enjoy the upcoming posts to this blog, which i can assure you will be much more interesting than this one. come back often. but probably not until next tuesday, when i actually arrive at my destination. if we're lucky, before i leave i'll get a tutorial from my favorite flickr expert at semaphoria so i can link some photos here too.

stay tuned.... in the meantime, i'll walk toward the big light (at the end of the tunnel, that is).

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Tom said...

I can't wait to hear about what you find Be..... Wine a lot.. and bring us back your impressions... (Work on your W.C. Fields a little too...)