Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i thought we left the rain

it's rainy in kaikoura on the south island today, but that hasn't stopped us so far. we're enjoying our first day in the camper van. i've just kicked mike's butt in cards twice. on the way up here we did a wine tasting at pegasus winery. great savignon blanc/semillion. we'll enjoy it tonight with our cheese and baguette. the winery itself was a cool pink chapel-like structure with the most fabulous english garden.

speaking of wine, we'll be posting some wine notes and other observations du vin on our new
website, so check there -- especially after this weekend's marlborough wine festival.

we had a gorgeous day yesterday in christchurch....sunny, mid-70s and not a cloud in the sky. it's a neat city -- we plan to go back on saturday for a rugby match, so we'll likely see more of it then.

tomorrow, we're headed up to the north tip of the south island for more wine tastings, and hopefully some beach time if the rain subsides. the ocean is so beautiful here -- very blue/green and clear. they say that sometimes in kaikoura you can see dolphins jumping off the coast. cross your fingers that happens tomorrow.

on a parting note, next time you to go to the airport, make sure you take your airplane tickets. i'm not saying anything incriminating, but suffice to say the airlines will charge you a 'stupid tax' if you don't have the proper documentation.


Jen said...

I hope you two are having a wonderful time!! Don't worry...the rain has stopped...no rain in the forecast through early next week! WOO HOO!! Peace out, Jen G.

Willy O'Shea said...

Is the 'stupid tax' a tax on stupid people or is the tax itself stupid? Willy

DoubleD said...

Things are so beautiful here in Portland, I am so happy that you brought the rain with you. Maybe you two can snuggle in the camper and make babies. Speaking of Babies your little Enna is doing well and said you are in big trouble when you get home. Might want to check your shoes for doo doo "those are Enna's words not mine"


bengel said...

ena better not be poo-ing in our shoes.

ps: stupid tax is for stupid people. don't ask. we'll tell you later.

DoubleD said...

Alas, Ena needed to poop really bad and was comfortably resting in your closet so as you can imagine she found mikes big shoes to be the perfect poop box. Ena is fine, super clingy when I go to see her and feed her all kinds of junk... mmm maybe that is why she is pooping in your shoes.

It is below freezing here in Portland but the sky is blue. Your trip sounds so amazing, I can't wait to see you guys again.