Friday, March 31, 2006

busy with lots of nonsense

i've learned quite a few lessons in my life, and just when you think you know a whole lot, something slaps you upside the head and reminds you you don't know everything.

most recent lesson is: don't give drunk girl the paddle at an auction, lest you don't mind her spending a lot o' cash on an item up for bid that you didn't anticipate taking home at the end of the night.

i am of course not referring to myself...stop pointing those fingers. but, for some reason mickey and i have a suite at the april 10 blazer game for 22 people. wonder how that happened? i will say that i'm thrilled to support a very worthy cause, instead of the blazers.

in other news, i started watching the last season of 'six feet under' last night. oh, what problems await the fishers this year? shhh, don't tell me. two friends say that the last episode is the best end of any teevee show ever. ever?! ever is a big, hyperbolic, emphatic word. we shall see if i agree in a few short days, because i'm pretty sure i'll be watching it non-stop to the end.

speaking of pop culture, my favorite nephew was visiting for a few days, always a treat. i'm amazed at how sponge-like a five-year-old mind is. quelle surprise when i heard him sing the refrain to "fernando" by ABBA. props to my sis for bringing out the little diva in him.

and finally, i've been waiting for this moment for years and years. my childhood doll freddy has made it on the internet. semaphoria's little man *hearts* freddy. please note the mullet on fred. four words: dime-store fur hair. hey-o.

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