Thursday, April 13, 2006

i guess i need more iron in my diet

i was just eating some dal soup that i made at home the other night. i took a bite and chomped down on something hard. i thought, hmm, it's probably a stone that i missed in the lentils.

nope, not a stone. it was a screw.

i broke the juicer tool while adding lime juice to the soup. apparently a screw from the tool fell in.

by the way, this is the second one of these i've bought and had break. and, by the way, i don't have super-human strength. i think this says something about fine quality craftsmanship used to make these things.


Willy O'Shea said...

Due to a recent trip to a dentist and endodontist after an 8 year hiatus. I find nothing humorous about any scenerio that involves pain in the oral cavity!!! A little screw once and awhile can seem harmless but believe me always proceed with caution when your mouth is involved.

Willy O'Shea said...

Yeah! I finally made it to your blog.....aren't you proud of me?

semaphoria said...

you need a tool of some kind to do the juicing? shall we take a trip to willie sonoma's for a less sophisticated, more dental friendly implement of some kind?

bengel said...

when i say tool, i am indeed referring to one of w/s's stupid juicing thingies. whadda ya call them, if not a tool? implement? utensil? maybe i just like to say tool.