Monday, April 17, 2006

i'm finally joining the 21st century of PC technology

in my last post i lamented on not being able to get the drivers for my digital camera to work with my laptop. i'm sure this is purely due to user error. however, i'm holding a shred of hope it's also because said laptop is actually the property of my employer.

but, as of tonight, i am the (almost) proud owner of a new, shiny, pretty, happy lappy of my very own. it's currently being built just for me by lovely people at dell. while i realize i will get much razzing from semaphoria and other mac people that i didn't purchase an i-book (blahblahblah, i'm not buying a mac, so stop it), and while i was really against buying a dell at the beginning of my lappy search, i'm convinced i've made a good purchase. even CNET says so, and they would know. the truth will be known when my new friend arrives at my doorstep 3 to 5 days after april 25th.

ohgeezohgeez, how will i face this waiting game, this torture?

not only will my little lappy have XP on it (not a novelty, i realize, but i will finally be able to use my stupid mp3 player [which is NOT an ipod -- ENOUGH already] which requires WMP10), but i'll also be able to plug the system into my teevee. this, dear friends, means that i can watch all the rugby and baseball i want online, through the comfort of my basement entertainment system. oh, yes, dear friends: this is big news. no more schlepping projectors back and forth from various sources; no more sitting in the home office to watch grainy video on a wickedold CRT monitor.

if i were a cat, i'd be this excited

but since i'm not a cat, here's me excited


Askinstoo said...
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semaphoria said...

wow. i am happy that you will have a better laptop. but i still laugh and point because my laptop is cuter than your laptop.