Monday, April 24, 2006

the laughs keep on comin'

i've recently been reading with sick fascination the trials and tribulations of one congresswoman cynthia mckinney of georgia. most (ok, 99 percent) of what i know comes from wonkette, which is my favorite website this month. this woman cannot catch a break. today's PR gaffe is a page out of PR 101: what not to do. after she walked out on an interview (in which they were railing her for abusing a capitol hill cop), she kept her microphone on whilst insulting her staffer. all her insults were caught on tape. if that's not enough, she went back to the interviewer and tried to explain exactly why they did not have permission to use the clip on air.

just who is this woman's PR person? have they never heard of media training? christ -- i went through it as a sophomore in college thanks to john guiniven, who no doubt trained bob byrd during his stint as the statesman's press secretary. not that i'm volunteering for the flack's job -- good god no. i'm just saying, i love validation that i am better at PR than someone else.

and, by the way, i wonder if KQ or angeler think congresswoman has taken graduate courses in condescension from the j-school? her tone with the journalist on the video rings slightly of, "while i appreciate you feel you have rights to use this audio track, actually, you don't."

(if you're unfamiliar with the mckinney saga, the archives on wonkette are highly entertaining. it's like a little bon bon treat to see what new this woman is up to every day. bwahahaha...insert evil laugh here.)

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