Tuesday, May 30, 2006

it's tuesday, but really it's monday

top five best things about my weekend:
  1. sleeping in until 11:15 on monday morning rulz, 'specially 'cause i didn't have to be at work.
  2. it was a good cooking weekend. making green curry from scratch isn't hard, with the help of hot, sour, salty, sweet. plus, pursuant to operation kitchen clean-out, i just HAD to make some peanut butter chocolate brownies. they were really bad. i might have three more tonight after dinner.
  3. while miserably sad, the final hurrah for willy friday night got me good -n- inebriated. to ease the pain, of course.
  4. i got some knitting done on my new zealand blanket, aka, the longest project in history.
  5. toots and i had some good girlie time, complete with mimosas and craft projects. and, mickey had two hot dates to the davinci code on sunday. the only thing better than that to a guy, i assume, would be to have two hot dates who happened to be twins.
and now the weekend is over, and i'm back at work.

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