Tuesday, July 11, 2006

new friends

i just had dinner with a relatively new friend we met through toots a couple years back. he's a college friend of hers, and we met him during one of his trips to portland. he has the best outlook on life, and it's a treat to talk with him, because he's so positive, optimistic and genuine. it's amazing that despite the fact i've met him on two very brief occasions, i feel i've known him forever.

had some dinner at south park, which was divine.
i saw a good band at noon today, national flower. it's warm out, but not too warm. i'm going to bed early, which is unusual these days. all the makings for a terrific day.

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Ivar said...

aren't you going to take a roll in the dirt before bed hippy?? chase a frisbie? take a bong hit? oh, wait...never mind. i was thinking of something else. have a nice day.