Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my man, he's the tops

with my new job's hectic schedule, and the stress of fitting into a new company and a new role, i've not been the easiest person to deal with lately. unfortunately mickey gets the back end of my bad attitude. no home cooked meals, the house isn't clean, and, oh yeah, i'm pretty crabby too.

to reward me for my stellar behavior, mickey gave me a surprise shopping spree with my good friend ljc and a new camera (just like
semaphoria's new one, only not sexy orange). all i got him were four stinking chocolates from my trip to SF today.

who feels like a bit of a jackass? bad wife. BAD!

needless to say, the blog is also getting the back end of my attitude, so i have nothing fun to talk about. wait, one thing: i finished a square of my NZ blanket, so now i only have 6 to go. as the leaves start to change, and as the weather turns crisp, i'm getting back in the mood for knitting. good thing, because my stash of yarn grew this summer quite nicely, and did i mention i have 6 squares on my NZ blanket left? must get that done before the year is out.

and, one more thing: chili cookoff time is nigh. we're hoping to break the entry record, which last year hit 18. my jalapeno plants are aggressively keeping up with my pepper requirements for this year's entry. muy caliente!

maybe when i get the new fancy cammy all charged up, i'll take a photo or two of our test chili recipes or the blanket. or probably more likely, of me sitting on the couch vegetating.

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semaphoria said...

your man is the tops, your new cam is the tops, you are well-dressed AND you're a mad gnitter. anything else is tolerable with these other things in your life.