Monday, October 23, 2006

niner, part deux

earlier this year i dubbed this year the niner. i guess the folks at multnomah county found out, because today i was chosen as juror number niner. and i get to be juror niner for 6 whole days. yes, my friends, 6 days away from my job, which couldn't be busier. and i get to sit in a pathetically padded swivel chair listening to 42 hours of lawyer blah blah. awesome.

but it's baseball season, so i can't be too sad. go detroit!


Willy O'Shea said...

Uh, did you just say niner?

Chavster said...

oh geez...that sux! when i had jury duty i did meet some really interesting people waiting in that big room to be assigned to a case. fortunately the trial only lasted 2 days. Just think of it as a break from work and a learning experience! There's always some sort of interesting story behind a trial.

thirdbase said...

for goodness sakes! who in the fell did you piss off? that is why you don't register. the "man" will get you - EVERY TIME. just bring the knitting and pretend it is senior year again. do you still have the leather skirt?