Monday, December 18, 2006

guilty pleasure

i'm watching "love actually" for the second time in two days. pathetic, but i'll admit it's my favorite christmas-ish movie of all time. pathetic, probably. but i love every sappy, chick flickish moment of it.

we're headed to nebraska in four days for christmas, and i'm definitely looking forward to a break. i am hoping for some time with my knitting, as i have two projects i think i can finish while i'm there. i've just begun this dreamy eggplant colored scarf while on my trip to dc, and i've not decided whether i'll keep it for myself or give it to a girlfriend of mine. decisions, decisions....

hope you all are enjoying the holidays, and getting a bit of christmas cheer. go have some nog!

1 comment:

thirdbase said...

funny i am working on a beautiful eggplant colored scarf (with yarn given to me by my favorite sister), but i know i will be keeping it. it will look fabulous with my new coat that pono gave me for christmas.