Wednesday, January 24, 2007

tonight's miscellaneous forms of crack

tonight's form of crack:

and a final FO:

and a belated hey-oh to TOOTS for her 30th bday. tell me how it goes. and i'm waiting for my chipmunk -- where is he/she???


Willy O'Shea said...

Oh life in the artic tundra. An amazing 30th it was not. Woke to yet another day trying to figure out how to get water to our frozen pipes in Lander, so staying with the P's. On the way to the house, blew out a tire. Had chef salad and angel food cake for the big day not even a glass of wine. My baby did pull through with some amazing bongo's that surprised the hell out of me. My hands are already sore from playing them. I also received the most angelic birthday serenade from NoPo and wondered why you weren't in Seattle at the American Idol tryouts! No chipmunk just getting fatter and more miserable by the day. Happy frickin birthday!

Lizzie said...

I do love the wonderful b-day muffins :)

mcquinna said...

I, too, love the b-day muffins and was SO excited to be the recipient of one. It nearly made me forget that I was turning 30.