Wednesday, March 28, 2007

spring cleaning

just arrived home from our london/paris springtime venture, and had such a delicious time. highlights:

1. the tube and the metro -- didn't get lost once!
2. caught a football match at a notting hill corner pub with the locals (man-u won, thanks to renaldo's penalty kick).
3. ate the most delectable food. in london, it was a bangladeshi meal to rival all other curries i've ever had. in paris, how do i narrow it down? the 3+ hour meal at brasserie flo, complete with french onion soup and profiteroles and a lake of chocolate sauce? brie sandwiches outside the louvre? baguette, stinky cheese and wine consumed in our hotel room after a quick shopping outing in monmartre? or, the pain au chocolat that i ate every morning for breakfast (and that i smuggled back to the states)? no way to pick. don't get me started on the espresso.
4. now knowing what it means to stand at the foot of the eiffel tower and stare upward at the massive steel structure. overwhelming and beautiful.
5. three words: big ben, parliament! (shout out to bessi, who knows what that means)
6. irreverently dedicating our trip to wandering the footsteps of diana, princess of wales -- mickey sang the elton john tribute song the entire time.
7. the one souvenir i brought home was a magnet of the mona lisa from the louvre.

photos here, if you're so inclined.

now that we're home, i'm starting spring cleaning, starting with my blog. trying out the new functionality in blogger, and also a new bit of geek candy, courtesy of semaphoria, called twitter. if i could only be so cool as she.

flowers are blooming, trees are leafing out, and the sidewalks are pink with cherry blossom petals. i'm ready for sun and spring!

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