Monday, May 14, 2007


spring is finally here.

delicious grilled chicken, stuffed with
goat cheese and spring greens

tonight mickey and i had a great dinner on the patio, complete with an amazing bottle of wine (evolution white, from sokol blosser -- a great blend of 9 white wine varietals, which resulted in a spectacular, fruity, tropical and semi-dry wine -- the essence of a summer picnic, warm weather and light, summer breezes). my poppies are in bloom, and the hostas are growing by the day. the sun slowly set in the west, and as it did, the old fir trees near our house were cast with a golden red hue which makes them glow, a sight i always love to drink up each summer night. instead of sitting in front of the teevee, mickey and i lingered at the table talking about happiness, life, priorities, and the future.

i also got my first mosquito bite. but, for tonight, i don't mind.

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