Saturday, August 25, 2007

laying down a tasty beat

the guy next door is holding a garage sale today. apparently it's not been going very well, because he's now pulled out a stand up bongo drum, and is pounding on it with two wooden mallets. is this similar to a rain dance? is he attempting to conjure up garage sale goers, trinket trackers and junk gypsies?

alas, i fear his garage sale entertainment is not working. i think he should get that mariachi band back.

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Ben said...

If he wasn't getting traffic - he should have gone to check that his signs are still up. Maria did a garage in NoPo a couple of years ago, and I dutifully went around the neighborhood & hung up signs... Little did I know how competitive that shit was. A few hours into it - I went around to hang some more, and found that most of our signs had been torn down or covered up by other garage sale-ers.... bastards!