Sunday, August 05, 2007

photo magiq

i finally got around yesterday to uploading our vancouver pix to flickr, so enjoy. what a great trip that was.

speaking of photos, i love the magic of digital photography. it's so fast, so economical, and over the years has allowed me instant gratification for photo viewing after a vacation. i'm not willing to invest in a professional grade digital camera, though, so normally my photos look quite good, but not jaw-droppingly amazing.

we took exactly one roll of film on our vacation to paris and london this year, and just today i had those pix developed. i'm kicking myself now for not taking more film, because the pictures were astounding. the clarity and detail mickey captured with them was gorgeous. there is one photo of big ben that made me feel like i was standing in front of it again.

while i don't think i'll give up digital, i'm definitely ready to recommit to film. i know i'll end up carrying around two cameras, but after looking at this set, it's totally worth it.

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