Friday, August 03, 2007

sweet, sweet mariner lovin'

as if wednesday's game wasn't awesome enough, tonight's victory over the bo-sox capped off a fun week to watch baseball as a mariners fan. i'm telling you -- 2 of 3 from the angels, and maintaining position at 1 out of the wild card. now, if we can hold up against daisuke tomorrow.... oh, to be in seattle this weekend....

oh, and one more square of the NZ blanket done. two more to go. i can't find the ball of yarn for the last square. guess i'll deal with that when i get to that point. which will probably be in probably another 4 months. frick.

update: just read this post by a rabid reds fan, and though i don't share a passion for this particular team, i do consider myself a devout follower of the church of baseball she references. plus, it's the most enjoyable writing i've read in a long while. huzzah!

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