Wednesday, October 17, 2007

f.o.: li'l green

newest f.o., this one for two of my favorite nebraska cornhuskers who are expecting a li'l red of their own anytime now....
bambino blanket

the deets:

pattern: made up completely -- wicked easy, good ol' standby garter stitch for the blanket (great for knitting up during the many rugby and baseball games i've been watching lately) with a made-up crochet stitch for the edge. the crochet pattern i guess might have a real name, but i don't know what it is since i made this up
yarn: lion's brand homespun in green and cream
needles: u.s. size 10.5
started: approx. 8/1/07
finished: 9/14/07

the pud likes the blanket, too. to the future owners, please excuse any fuzzy spots in the yarn. ena liked to sit on it when i wasn't working on it.

my cat won't stay in one place long enough to take her photo.
yet she was very interested in being in the photo. probably
because she wants to show off her pink camo collar.

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moozie said...

so, i'm really pissed! how do you get so much done??? and when are we going to get to knit together?? come soon! and GO ROCKIES!