Sunday, August 03, 2008

we've become those people know, those people that can't calm down. who constantly need something to do. even when they are on a weekend getaway where the goal is to wind down from a stressful week.

we went camping this weekend in the cascades, hoping for some chill time. turns out, neither of us could chill out. friday was a little frustrating getting out of p-town (2 hours from downtown to boring, ore., mostly because we were lost, couldn't make up our minds about which store to go to for our forest pass, blahblahblah). once we arrived, the campground we planned to go to was full, so we found a primitive spot nearby and stayed there for a night. not the best way to start the weekend, but we stuck it out.

saturday morning we got up, sat around for awhile, and finally were so annoyed with having nothing to do (we had books, knitting, etc, but none of it was holding our attention) that by 2PM we decided to bail. we needed activity. we needed action. we needed to get the hell out of there.

so, we came home.

but, still made our pre-planned camping dinner -- paella -- on the coals of our firepit in the backyard.

and all of a sudden, camping was fun again.

i surely hope we can figure out how to relax without stuff to entertain us (like a new iphone -- below). the thought of being those people who can't sit still annoys me.

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