Saturday, November 15, 2008

muscle memory

today mickey and i scored an original nintendo system from our neighbor, and played super mario brothers. the original one.

it was rad.

after not playing it for about 20 years, it was amazing how automatic and ingrained the game is. without even being conscious of it, we immediately remembered how to warp, where the bricks needed to be broken to get more hidden coins.

i gotta get me a wii.

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elm said...

Hi! Just found your blog and was reading away seeing what you are up to these days... and found this post and nearly busted my side.

Summer 07, living in a hotel for 2 months in Lincoln. Boredom began to set in for a few children I have "acquired" over the years. So, I shared this boredom tidbit with my mom. When she drove out to be with us, she brought MY old original nintendo system from like 5th grade... yea that one. Seems she keeps everything.

Anyway, now my kids play it frequently and when other kids are talking about THEIR nintendo, my boy says, "OH, YEAH!! I have one of those, too! I like to play..." and then he lists the names of all these old games.

What a mom schmuck I am! It doesn't feel so great though, to go into one of the local antique stores and find a large box chock full of nintendo games. If I am older than that game... does that make me an antique as well? Oh, well...