Tuesday, March 14, 2006

why doesn't this ever happen to me

apparently a woman in norway turned on her faucet recently, and instead of water, BEER came out. BEER! i want that to happen at our house.

it's been a busy but boring few days, and i was lamenting on friday during a round (or two rounds simultaneously drunk) , how can i blog if nothing fun or interesting happens?
semaphoria assured me you can. yes, but she's a much more interesting person than i, and even boring things to her are super interesting to me.

a friend sent me my horoscope today. i love to read between the lines of these things and find the sexual innuendos, naughty or otherwise. this month was particularly delightful in that regard. what's your

final thought: i have to share a photo taken by my lovely sister who's a photographer. aren't my two favorite boys adorable?

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Mickey Fanno said...

Man, what a beautiful manly being. I should only be so lucky.