Tuesday, March 07, 2006


874 emails in the ol' inbox this morning. how painful is that?

during a weekend dinner party with some friends and friends-of-friends (which was preceded by a wine tour through the willamette valley, so please bear in mind our likely alcohol consumption), we came to the subject of what jesus really looked like. apparently there is debate these days about whether the image most have of jesus is accurate. one of us proposed that perhaps jesus really looked like someone else, say gallagher, the performer who smashes fruits and such with a sledgehammer. as if it's possible, the conversation degenerated from there. we ended up howling over a scene from the last supper, jesus played by gallagher. something about apostles, big sheets of plastic, fruit multiplying.

this being my first day back to the office since feb 3, warp told me last night that i needed to find a treat today to make the day bearable. while i love the idea of sitting in my office and knitting all afternoon, ignoring the emails that continue piling up, instead i'm going to lunch with my favorite coworker and will convince her to stop by a store where i can by the new harry potshot movie that came out today on dvd.

so sad to think that only two weeks ago i was getting royally sunburned in whangarei. even sadder to think i'm still peeling.

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Willy O'Shea said...

Jesus stop smashing the Honeydews! They don't grow on trees ya know.

x Mary

Yeah, do the Watermelon's next! Ewwww, Matthew has orange peel in his beard.

x Luke