Thursday, May 18, 2006

ice wine

toots and willy brought over a bottle of wine last night to have with dinner (lettuce wraps, cheese platter and salmon pufflets which looked like a tuffet which is something else, but not as tastee as the pufflets). so, we didn't end up drinking the one i had been chilling. in the freezer. which is where it still is as of right now.

question: does wine freeze, and if so, will it thaw out without being ruined?

in other news, our new neighbors moved in last night. i'm excited that it gave me another opportunity to move inventory from my pantry (operation kitchen clean-out continues). as a "welcome to the neighborhood" kind of thing, we're giving them a bag of breakfast fixin's -- homemade chokecherry syrup and pancake mix.

the clean-out is going well. this weekend's going to be a key time for me to re-evaluate what we have left, and decide what i can make with the remaining items. these include: kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, white beans, condensed milk, oatmeal, cereal, hot dog buns, and a crapload of condiments. any ideas for recipes?

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