Friday, May 19, 2006

update: ice wine, plus more on the neighbors and the weekend

i now know what happens when wine sits in a freezer for 24 hours. i still can't find the cork, but suffice to say that the freezer got a little bath in white wine. mmm, slushy. stay tuned for an update on where the cork ended up.

we met our new neighbors for the first time last night. mickey knows neighbor-lady's mom from work and has heard lots about them, so we felt we knew them already. it's kind of weird to think that in a town this size, we'd know something about the neighbors before they moved in. it turns out this coincidence was the tip of the iceberg.

whilst moving in wednesday, neighbor-guy was wearing a university of nebraska t-shirt. when we met them last night, mickey asked him what was up. turns out neighbor-guy is a alum just like mickey and me, (two years younger than me). he lived in the dorms near where mickey and i were RAs, so i'm sure we all crossed paths at one point or another. anyhoo, it's very funny to think we share a property line with a husker. he likes nebraska football a LOT, he says. we won't hold that against him.

in other news, we're gearing up for the last big hurrah (for now) with willy this weekend. he moves to wyo next weekend, so we're having a party at our house to send him on his way. today's his last day at work (WAHOO!). it's a big day too for toots, who's resolving a dental problem that's plagued her for years. she's going to be cracked out on vicodin this weekend, poor thing. but, i'm sure it will make for a kickin' party.

am i jealous of them because it's his last day or because she's on drugs? i will sort through these feelings today.

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Willy O'Shea said...

i'd say the drugs! Thanks for thinking of us lass. 2 hours 13 minutes and counting. i'm outta here at 1....2hrs 12m......2hrs 11 m......