Saturday, May 06, 2006

lame-ass weekend

mickey, willy o'shea and rod cochrane are out today on their MAX bar crawl. they're taking the max from the dancin' bare in no-po, hopping off at each stop between there and goose hollow to have a cocktail at the nearest bar. for those of you who know what no-po is like, they are assuredly going to be shit-canned by the time they get downtown. (there are a whole lotta bars up here, folks.) the saving grace is that willy has to be in decent shape to compete at a ping-pong tournament tonight for the national college for naturopathic medicine. i'm placing bets on the chinese docs who are his opponent. nothing personal.

while they are out carousing and making general meyhem, here i am working on a lovely saturday (it's cloudy, but warm-ish, but who cares, it's SATURDAY for chrissake). it's not all bad, though. i'm enjoying the use of double-d's office today, which rules, i had a rockin' chai tea latte from foxfire, and just heard faith no more's 'epic' for the first time in probably five years. i guess there is a bright side to working.

we had a lovely dinner last night at willy's and toot's house. burritos and margs for cinco de mayo. so good. they do this thing where they combine spicy meat with sweet dates, and it tastes amazing. to top off the meal, toots made a black bean cake for dessert. sounds sorta weird but it was extremely tasty. must get recipe.


Mickey said...

to recap:

we did not start at the dancin' bare

Portland Ave stop: Coors Light at the Nitehawk
Killingsworth: PBR at George's Conner tavern
Prescott: Rainier at Fire on the Mountain to wash down the hottest hot sauce ever (El Jefe es muy mal)
Overlook: decided to skip Kaiser's cafeteria.
Albina/Mississippi: Alt Bock at the White Eagle
Interstate/Rose Garden: skipped (Cucina Cucina is closed!)
Old Town: This took awhile. The Barracuda, Berbati's, Om, and the Shanghi are all closed until later. Dan and Louis's Oyster Bar. Raccoon Lodge lager, I believe. The Kentucky Derby and sour dough bread.
Skipped Skidmore fountain: skipped since we'd already walked past it
Oak/SW 1st: skipped. McCormick's wasn't open yet
SW 3rd/Morrison: Yamhill Pub, Coors in the pint cans
SW 5th: Red Star, I have no idea
Galleria: Virgina Cafe - again, no idea. But Fries!!
PGE Park: N/A
King's Hill: N/A
Goose Hollow: N/A

Somehow Willy and Rod made it to where they needed to be (skipping the bus and walking seemed to be the most sobering means of conveyance)

As for me, somehow I got on the right train, made it to NoPo, and walked home without incident (I hope).

Mickey said...

Wait. Revise that. It was PBR at the Yamhill. There's proof. There's also proof that the Yamhill Pub's bathroom is covered in graffiti.

Mickey said...

And at least a lemon drop at the Virginia.