Sunday, May 07, 2006

office space

this morning i finally set up my office at my house. it's in a small room off the main home office, which is currently used by mickey.
please note the mrs. butterworth's lamp on the table.

this morning i'm working in my space, he in his. and thus, the office jokes begin...

me: hey, can you please print this for me?
mickey: sure, just email it to me. i haven't got the printer networked yet.
me: (send the document via email, along with a lewd suggestion to start an intra-office affair.)

(a few minutes go by.)

mickey: um, yeah, you left this on the printer. (drops the document on my desk.)

(a few more minutes pass.)

me: (yelling into his office.) hey, did you read that article....
mickey: what did you say?
me: we need to get office phones so we don't have to yell.

(a few more minutes pass. the house phone rings.)

me: please hold all my calls.

it's cracking me up. i can't wait to do a staff meeting. assuredly it will be more fun than the ones at the 8-5 job. i think i'm going to go ask mickey to run out and get me a cup of coffee and a scone, just to see what he says.

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