Wednesday, May 10, 2006


it's been the busiest week already, and it's only wednesday. what to do?!

last night we went to what was supposed to be a simon and garfunkel showdown between two bands. instead it turned into a hoedown, because one of the simons bailed. was quite a fun time despite his absence. i've not listened to s&g in awhile, and hearing the music again reminded me how cool paul simon's lyrics are. he's such a poet (and a one-man band, if you catch the reference).

the mariachi band is back tonight. it's so very festive outside. not to mention that the weather is gorgeous. i've got the window open and the fresh breeze is blowing in. i'm wearing my camo pants. i'm drinking a lovely cab, or is it shiraz? no matter.... life is pretty good all in all.


semaphoria said...

i want my own personal mariachi band. no fair!

Willy O'Shea said...

again, lo siento to keep you up. we will be playing semiregularly next door. hasta noche