Monday, August 14, 2006

new frontier

i started my new jobbie today. it was pleasantly easy, i'm happy to report. while there's mountains of work to be done, it's either manageable, or its scope and severity is beyond my sphere of comprehension. nevertheless, i'll live in blissful ignorance for now as i learn all about new clients and company policies.

it's delightful to work for a large company for the first time -- upon my arrival, my desk was set up, the computer configured properly, there was a nice stock of office supplies available to me. they had organized a thorough and helpful orientation for me. and, they had gathered an extensive library of info for me to study in advance of my upcoming client meetings.

i got home from work and told mickey all about how
very organized, very professional the first day at my new company was. and, lo, the words were not barely out of my mouth when i realized i had been wearing my shirt inside out all day long.


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