Wednesday, August 09, 2006

haus frau tasks

i moved all the furniture out of the living room and mickey's office yesterday, because today the carpet and air ducts are getting cleaned. thus, my dining room looks like this:
i've been informed by the cleaning man upstairs just now that the funk in my ducts has plugged up his system twice. that normally happens only once during a cleaning. at any rate, i've been banished to the basement whilst they work their magic. my allergies are miserable at the moment because of all the nastiness coming out of the ducts. guess this is long overdue.

in other news, we finally joined the ranks of most mainstream americans and had cable teevee installed yesterday. so, as i sneeze and blow my nose, at least i can watch giada de laurentiis make the most delicious looking strawberry trifle i've seen.

speaking of food, i made an antipasti platter last eve that giada herself would have been proud of.

hurrah, it's fig season!

i rode my little bike to the new seasons where i purchased a variety of cheese, some salami, and some veg to grill. paired with a washington sauvignon blanc, it was delicious.

have i mentioned i love being home during the day?

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