Monday, August 07, 2006

if only every week was like this

i'm into my second week of unemployment. lots of stuff in the works, many house visitors, lots of stories. in lieu of a narrative, i give you my photo montage of some memorable moments:

oregon beer fest, after 65 beers. rock n roll.

our denver-friends at the farmer's market

delicious dessert at pix

fricking mariners lost, whah whah (debbie downer sound here)

toots's blast from the past

more here at flickr. suffice to say, i love not being at work. but, i am excited (not ready, but excited) to start my new gig next monday.

1 comment:

semaphoria said...

i love my beckybot. but i love my beckybot on flickr even more. miss you, but i'm glad you are havin fun!