Friday, August 04, 2006

rock n roll

last night mickey and i had the honor and privilege of attending A.R.T's production of "hedwig and the angry inch" with friends tom and judy. the performance features wade mccollum (of PCS's "batboy" fame) in a reprise of hedwig. he is, undoubtedly, the most dynamic, talented actor to grace this here rose city, and man, o man, does he do rock n roll right. i've seen the "hedwig" movie a handful of times, and listened to the soundtrack about a gajillion times, and still, last night's production blew my little, art-starved mind. the production was infintely better than the movie, and mccollum brought a whole new personality to hedwig.

show highlights: kick-ass, complex, beautiful vocals from mccollum, singing the finest lyrics from steven trask; witty, silly, often political ad-libbed banter from hedwig; audience lap dances; and did i mention, mccollum is the most physically fit actor i've ever seen on stage? as hedwig, he mentions he does ashtanga yoga. that must be true for mccollum himself. that guy is bendy and has got the finest legs this side of radio city music hall.

enough gushing, which i could do all day. please, please go see it between now and next saturday, when it closes forever. i may go back again, so perhaps i'll see you there.

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