Thursday, May 10, 2007

torture. aka, "the office"

mickey and i had a rockin' dinner last night with double-d at encanto, a newer new mexican restaurant in no'po. delicious food, great drinks, nice service, cool space. i got the slow cooked pork stuffed in sopapillas, which had a zippy red sauce on top. their guac was really fresh, plus no tomatoes (just like i like it), and they had a queso fundito dip with homemade tortilla chips that was outstanding -- tangy/creamy cheese with a pumpkin seed salsa/pesto thing on top.

it was such a nice night out with two dear people, and and to cap off the night, i caught the 5th inning of the mariners/tigers game, in which the m's scored 6. they are all of a sudden looking like a solid team this year. with the fact that i'm catching on average about 3 games per week, i'm feeling pretty pleased about the baseball this summer.

in other news, i have two days off, so i got up this AM, dropped the pud off at the vet for her tooth cleaning ($400 -- for cat teeth), and then went for a walk. i'd forgotten my MP3 player, so as my thoughts wandered, i realized, today is thursday, and thursday is "the office." and then i got to thinking about my favorite moments on "the office," when i got a text message. the chime of my phone got me thinking about michael scott's ring tone.

and now i have the midi version of "my humps" stuck squarely in my head. it's killing me.

what's in your head today?

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