Sunday, May 06, 2007

yakkedy yak

last night whilst out with my friend ben for his bday, we witnessed a chick crumple to the floor right behind our table (we're talking 4 inches), passed out/fainted/whatever, then lift her head enough to yak ALL over herself and the floor. and then, someone said, "we're calling an ambulance," and she said, "no, don't, they cost $500." poor form: both for yakking all over the floor, but for also (apparently) having enough experience with ambulances to know their going rate.

even more disgusting was the fact that the bar employees didn't clean up the yak. they just put some paper towels over it, and the LEFT IT ON THE GROUND for more than half an hour. at which point, i left.

gross. i question whether i'll go back. which sucks, because they serve the bottles of miller high life for cheap.

on a more positive note, i knitted a new yarn bowl to decorate my office, and got both a walk and a short bike ride in this weekend. i love spring, because it's so nice to sit on the patio and soak in the fresh air and the sounds of the neighborhood. the only downer of the weekend was not seeing the end of that mariners game on friday, when they beat the yankees 15-11. f-ing DVR shut off at the bottom of the 7th. thank goodness mickey recorded sports center that night.

have i mentioned how much i love my DVR?

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TableDancer said...

so what was the yakkety-yak bar? Can ya say? I'll avoid that place if so. Dang,that girl probably felt like death warmed over the next a.m.

You could catch the yanks in Seattle on Saturday if you are so inclined to get a real-life b-ball experience.