Sunday, June 17, 2007

reading for pleasure

i've not had a lot of time recently to read for pleasure. i think the book "mostly true" from my previous post was the first thing i've read in months, not counting my cooking light magazine, and the occasional article in vanity fair. one of these articles recently caught my attention, and it led me to make a book purchase i feel like i need to hide from public.

yes, yours truly, a true blue liberal, bought "the reagan diaries." in hard back. and, starting today, i'm not ashamed to say it in public: i'm loving every page so far.

i've spent the better part of my politically partisan life despising reagan, with few concrete reasons why, except that i believed he was the poster child for the red party, he racked up billions in deficit, and he was a hollow actor/camera cow, scripted to the n-th degree, idolized by all the politicos i loathe.

however, in a mere 25 pages of his 696 page abridged diary, i've gained a newfound respect for reagan, the man, his marriage to nancy, the international turmoil he dealt with daily. and i'm learning some helpful history lessons about the 80s, a time when i was too young to care what was happening around me (except when the oliver north trials pre-empted my afternoon teevee shows).

i don't think this enlightenment makes me a republican, but i do think it makes me an adult.

in other reading, i am thrilled that my corner borders bookstore carries donna hay magazine. she's somewhat of an australian martha stewart, though modernly hip and sophisticated. the food and decorating tips in the magazine are stunningly gorgeous, and at every page turn, i was dreaming of the meals i could concoct. the only downside is that, due to the opposite seasons in the southern hemisphere, all the recipes are for autumn foods -- butternut squash, baked pies, soups and stews, and heavenly heavy desserts. what a treat it will be to pull this issue out in october!

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