Sunday, October 14, 2007

saturday night out

we ate dinner at a new-to-us restaurant last night called olea. it's in the pearl district, and serves a great menu of mediterranean/pacific nw cuisine. we enjoyed a very leisurely meal that started with prosciutto wrapped dates (with a vanilla oil -- yum) and cornmeal fried sardines with caper aioli, joined with two glasses of brut rose. mickey had steak frites, and i had wild mushroom and rapini buccatini, both of which paired great with a bottle of jigsaw pinot from the willamette valley. we were stuffed from dinner, so no dessert, which was unfortunate because they had delicious options. the restaurant was in an impressive building, with great lighting (i'm very picky). and, the service was perfect. i'm definitely going back.

we also saw cabaret, starring wade mccollum and storm large (of rockstar: supernova fame). it was pretty good -- not as good as the dinner, but enjoyable enough. mickey and i agreed it didn't take the themes far enough. i felt like the acting was a little flat and storm's gestures were forced. wade was delightful as always, but i feel like they could have let him be a little more tawdry, like in hedwig. overall, i felt like it had a lot of potential, but the director played it safe and stifled two actors who have so much potential to capture the raw, sexual, racy side of the show.

then, i came home and fell asleep on the couch and missed the 11 inning win from the indians. sounded amazing.

go rockies!

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Rick & Faye said...

You're making me drool Becky!! Stop that. Now Rick and I have a new place to visit when we come home...but we're not supposed to be thinking about that yet. Ha ha. Our best meal, in my opinion, in Uganda so far was crepes for breakfast with fresh papaya. Love you guys, Faye