Sunday, February 03, 2008

craft day

mickey and i deemed saturday craft day. his craft was to brew a batch of beer, and mine was to paint on canvas a picture i've been meaning to create since returning from NZ last year.

at 5pm last night, mickey put all the ingredients in the big stock pot and started heating the grains and water for the first step. 5 gallons of water takes a long time to heat on our stove, so at about 6:30, we finally reached 180 degrees. at this point he removed the thermometer from the pot, so we could continue to steep the grain. to our horror, the thermometer had a crack in it. all that beer was now contaminated with either mercury or some other metallic substance that was in the thermometer. what a waste.

my craft day was mildly more successful

"manapouri electrical station"

1 comment:

moozie said...

well, some days are like that. too bad about the beer though. would love to see your art up close. i envy you... :)