Thursday, February 07, 2008

indulge on behalf of the rat

my friend kim told me that on the lunar new year, one must behave the way they want the rest of the year to be: be happy, positive, no fighting, indulge in good food, be with friends and family, etc. if there's still time left, be sure to treat this new years day the way you want your year of the rat to be!

speaking of indulging, i've just started two for the road by jane and michael stern. i was only a paragraph into the book before i was hooked. here's why:

'our first date was over a white clam pizza at pepe's pizzeria on wooster square in new haven, connnecticut, and it was instantly apparent as we gazed into each other's eyes across the thin-crusted neapolitan pie, speckled with tiny, tender clams and frosted with olive oil, that we shared a passion for garlic. our initial lust for each other was fueled by an orgy of lobster rolls, split hot dogs, yankee doodle double dandy doodle burger cheeseburgers, calzones, and cannolis.'
if that's not the best first paragraph of a book, i don't know what is.

update: sorry for all the typos. i am a poor proofreader at night apparently.


moozie said...

Thought you were dieting!!!!! HA!

moozie said...

ps. we're having homemade calzone for dinner!!!