Saturday, February 03, 2007


now that they've received it, i can share an update about one of my recent f.o.'s...a lovely baby blanket for willy and toots.
what's cuter? blanket or toots?

i knitted it on US size 8s with my new favorite yarn, cascade pima silk, which as i've mentioned before knitted up like a dream. plus, it's soft and snuggly and will hopefully be washable enough that the cream color won't be regretted. the pattern (purchased at the naked sheep knit shop in no'po') was also quite easy. after a few practice starts, i figured out the crochet technique to cast on, and the flower in the center knitted up quite easily. the only downside of the project was my cast off, which ended up being a little tight, and caused some puckering. blocking helped a ton, but i think it could almost be blocked again to shape it a little more.

now, if only that chipmunk would come out....

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