Thursday, February 01, 2007

happy anniversary to me!

as i just posted that last item, it dawned on me that today is my one year spamiversary on this blog. hurrah for me! am i a card carrying member of the web 2.0 crowd yet? does one register at for such an occasion?

how weird all of a sudden to think back on the last year and all the stuff that's happened. a year ago i was two short days away from my trip of a lifetime in new zealand, getting ready to ditch work for a month to roam around the islands in my home on wheels. in stark contrast, here i am tonight, at work at 8pm with no real end in sight, and only a glimmer of my next trip (london and paris in the springtime....) in my mind.

i dubbed this year the niner, and i must admit, the past few months i've been thinking that the niner wasn't a good year at all. ok, in all honesty, i've thought it sucked pretty royally. lots of change, departed loved ones, feeling like i'm existing rather than living. i'm so glad, though, that i started this blog, because it allowed me to look back and remember all the good things that happened to keep things in balance. whether my readers have enjoyed the blog is unknown, but i for one am glad i've maintained it (infrequently at times admittedly) because it's preserved moments in my life that will be long forgotten too soon.

after all, the niner will be over in 24 days, and i'll be a senior citizen.


Willy O'Shea said...

We really appreciate your blogieness. It helps us keep up on the day to day whatnots of the Longball family.

moozie said...

Sounds like a "niner" pity party to me! You are, and always have been, gifted to the max, both materially and personally, so relax and enjoy life. It only gets better! XOXOXO